Why I Don't Miss Google

This week’s episode of why I don’t miss Google has two story-lines:

Ed Bott writes:

I captured a screen shot showing the results page as it appears on a notebook with a 1366 x 768 screen—one of the most popular display resolutions available today. […] There is only ONE actual search result on that entire page.

As much as my co-workers make fun of me duck-duck-go-ing things, at least I don’t have to scroll through a page of ads just to see an actual result. (via Daring Fireball)

Then we have this little issue of Google spamming your contacts. Boy Genius Report writes:

Gmail users are accusing the search giant of accessing their contact lists and sending spam emails to contacts with non-Gmail email addresses. 


I still haven’t closed my Google accounts yet, for fear of losing something I need, but with the way Google is speeding up their rampant abuses on users, I really need to get on that.