Leaving Google: Replacing Gmail Update

Zoho, a company whose email services I had previously mentioned aren’t sufficient for my needs just made a big announcement:

Today, we are glad to announce the release of Zoho Sync for mobile devices. You can now get automatic notifications PUSHed to your mobile phone or tablet when new emails arrive and your device’s local mail, contacts and calendar applications will sync with the web client in real time.

This is a huge deal. The only reason I visited Zoho.com again was to check out their productivity suite which is apparently the best alternative to Google’s. That makes this a double win. So, I’m pretty pumped. I will be able to have email addresses for $3.50 a month! (Or $36/year). This is far and away cheaper than RackSpace, so despite Zoho’s apparently terrible customer service, I think I am going to have to go with them.

I will say that I was looking forward to RackSpace. I love them as a company, and I had a great chat with one of their customer support representatives (on a Sunday!). But I don’t run a for-profit business: paying for davemyersworld email is only an expense, so I’m going to go with a much cheaper alternative. I will probably go with the monthly plan, in case their service is lousy, I can always jump to RackSpace later.