Leaving Google: Replacing Analytics

The only other Google service I use that I haven’t mentioned is Google Analytics. As it turns out, there are plenty of great alternatives to Analytics that do everything I need.

I chose Piwik. It was easy to install (especially with Dreamhost’s one click install feature) And it was easy to upgrade. You just click a button in the UI, and Piwik upgrades itself.  A single Piwik install can provide analytics on multiple sites. It has good graphs for all of the relevant metrics and provides any information you could want.

It doesn’t have nearly the reporting tools that GA provides. But all I’m using it for is to get a snapshot into how my blog and other properties are doing. I can live without advanced reporting.

The only criticism I have is speed. It’s a bit sluggish. This has been a common trend for all of the Google alternatives. But it isn’t hampering my usage, so I’m overall pleased with the switch. 

The only thing I haven’t done yet is close my Google account once and for all, but I’m still waiting to see if I’ve forgotten anything and need access to my accounts.