The Most Hipster Article Ever Written

This article about about the soon to open Shuffle Board Club in Brooklyn has got to be the finest collection of hipster themed sentences to ever have been written.

Honestly, choosing just one paragraph to quote is difficult, so read the whole thing, but this is my favorite:

The story of the Royal Palms began two years ago, when Jonathan Schnapp, 41, a D.J., piñata-maker, web design professor at New York University and web developer, was driving to Miami with a friend, Ashley Albert, 40, a voice-over artist, front woman for the children’s rock ’n’ roll band the Jimmies, and jewelry maker. The pair were on their way to judge a barbecue contest in Lakeland, Fla. (Mr. Schnapp and Ms. Albert are also accredited Kansas City Barbecue Society judges.)
— New York Times